Volunteers, in general, are divided into groups that organize their visits based on their availability.When a person signs up as a volunteer in Tierra Blanca, his first visits should be in the company of volunteer groups already established to explain the functioning and patterns of behavior.

The following are the contacts of some established groups:

Thursday Group

Contact person: (Mª TERESA GARCÍA RODRÍGUEZ Facebook link, https://es-es.facebook.com/public/Maria-Teresa-Garcia-Rodriguez)

Group of Saturdays

Contact person: Teresa (616.596.915)

Group of Sundays

Persona de contacto: Andrea (659.471.521) 


Organizer: CPA Tierra Blanca Volunteers

Reward: Portrait of a dog by the artist Nikki Atrre

Requirements to participate: Upload a photo to the Facebook page  


Where you are walking or doing some volunteer activity with one of the dogs in the center and mention the day the shelter was visited.

Limit: Until April 10, 2018

    Portrait of a dog by the artist Nikki Atrre

Among the actions carried out by the volunteers in the center, are those of walking, bathing and promoting the sociability of the dogs
in the center, proof of which are these photos: