Lost Animals


The CPA Tierra Blanca has established a collection network for abandoned animals that will finally be transferred to their facilities at Finca La Valiera. Once in the center, your veterinarians and workers will take care of your care and treatments until they are picked up by their owners. For those cases in which the animal is declared abandoned, the adoption of the animals will be favored, carrying out actions aimed at capturing them and maintaining responsible behavior.

If you have lost your dog you can:

1) Call your Town Hall or the Local Police to notify the disappearance. They are the ones who give us notice for the collection of a lost dog and, therefore, the first to have proof.

2) Visit the center to personally check if your dog has been picked up.

3) Contact the center via landline, during visiting hours, or by email. If the dog is here and has a microchip, the owner will be called by telephone to pick it up. If you do not answer the call, you will be sent a certified letter.

4) Notify in other reception and protective centers.

5) Communicate the loss to your veterinarian.

You can also send a photograph or notes from the following link, something that many individuals already do to report the loss of the animal. In the event that you were at the Tierra Blanca CPA, we will contact the owner immediately.

What to do if you find an abandoned animal?

If you find an abandoned animal you can go to the town hall or the Local Police of the municipality where you found it, who will be responsible for channeling the notice to the CPA Tierra Blanca through the official channels already determined.


The CPA Tierra Blanca is designed to host, maintain and care for abandoned dogs, but also provides measures that reduce the incidence of abandonment:

Animals indentification 

The Animal Protection Act of the Canary Islands (Law 8/1991, of 30 April 1991) and the Law of Potentially Hazardous Animals (Law 50/1999, of 23 December 1999) establish the obligation to identify the animal and then to register it in the corresponding town hall.

Undoubtedly, animal identification represents the most important measure for its protection and well-being; it constitutes the fundamental element to be able to verify the ownership and the responsibility on the animal. In addition, identification facilitates an infinity of information that can be used to monitor the animal population, its trends and the bi-directional influence with the human population. For all these reasons, all animals that are delivered for adoption will be previously identified and included in the Canary Register of Animal Identification (

Population control

The actions directed to the control of canine populations specially influence over the number reduction of unexpected and / or unwanted litter of puppies and, to a lesser extent, facilitate the coexistence of owners, pets and even neighbors, favoring in this way the adoption and the acception of abandoned animals. The sterilization of animals in animal shelters supposes in addition a measure for their well-being. In this sense, the dogs that are in the CPA Tierra Blanca are sterilized.

Awareness Campaigns

The realization of awareness campaigns aimed at promoting responsible possession and respect for animals is a tool with a great potential which, when it is properly targeted on certain groups, can offer great results in the medium term. From CPA Tierra Blanca, adoption has been promoted through the campaign "ADOPT, IS IN YOUR HAND" with the creation of posters and leaflets. Similarly, the Center's volunteers promote adoptions on a continuous basis, taking photographs and publishing them on social networks.

Gathering information and reporting

The CPA carries out an important task of collecting information for its subsequent processing and reports preparation to analyze the abandonment evolution, the effectiveness of the measures developed and the design of new and more effective initiatives.

Health and prophylactic programs

Preventive deworming, both internal and external, is carried out periodically in addition to the preventive vaccination plan.


The Cabildo Insular de Tenerife has been working for years on behalf of the animals welfare with the aim of making our island an example of good animals treatment and public awareness.

There is no doubt that today the main problem we face is the abandonment of dogs by their owners, which causes suffering of abandoned dogs and problems of road safety and public health.

Although the competition for the collection and shelter of abandoned dogs belongs to the city councils, the Insular Corporation also works in this line supporting the creation of an insular network of shelters for the collection of these dogs, through citizen awareness campaigns to promote the correct animals treatment and to eradicate abandonment, and encouraging and collaborating with the volunteer figure.

Within the framework of this action plan emerges the shelter for dogs Tierra Blanca, initially to solve a specific problem, and currently to support those municipalities of the island that do not have the means to shelter dogs abandoned in their territorial areas. Tierra Blanca tries to be a center of reference in which the "zero sacrifice" policy is our priority. It has staff and specialized management, facilities that provide the dogs an adequate environment, and a team of volunteers actively involved in management and decision making.

The CPA Tierra Blanca is an island-level example, since it is one of the few existing public centers that guarantees maximum respect for the needs, welfare and animal rights , in anticipation of the legal framework requested in the Resolution of the European Parliament on Animal Welfare.

The Center management is carried out by the state-owned public company TRAGSATEC, which has 22 years of experience in the provision of general services related to the animal world, public health and environmental issues related to fauna.

The Center

In the Canary Islands the legal regime of the centers for the reception of abandoned dogs is regulated, among others, by Law 8/1991 of 30 April 1991 on the protection of animals (BOC-1991/062).

The CPA Tierra Blanca is a model because:

- It has a great technical and personnel team.

- Promotes initiatives to reduce abandonment.

- Promotes initiatives for adoption.

- "Zero sacrifice" policy.

- Adequate and spacious facilities, which have patios for walking and a large terrain where dogs enjoy recreation.

The Center has a large number of volunteers who perform an essential task in socializing dogs during their stay in the facilities. In their visits they carry out different activities, among them the walks, promotion of the physical exercise, games, training, baths, hairdresser, etc. They also promote locally and internationally adoptions through partnerships such as Podencoworld Nederland.

The CPA Tierra Blanca provides support to municipalities for the reception of abandoned dogs in their municipal boundary. Once in the center, the veterinarian and the dogsitters take care of their assistance and treatments. For those cases in which the animal is declared abandoned, it is favored to adopt it, carrying out actions aimed at its acquisition and the maintenance of responsible behavior. For this reason the adoption is totally free, under a written commitment on the appropriate treatment and care of the animal. The CPA Tierra Blanca´s staff work to alleviate the consequences of abandonment, giving these animals the necessary attention to guarantee their needs. Taking into account that there are many groups with a direct and decisive involvement in abandonment and animal protection, the management service model will seek the involvement and the collaboration of all these agents:

  • Administrations
  • Local and international animal welfare organisation.
  • Veterinary centers
  • University and scientific centers
  • Citizens