Lost Animals


The CPA Tierra Blanca has established a collection network for abandoned animals that will finally be transferred to their facilities at Finca La Valiera. Once in the center, your veterinarians and workers will take care of your care and treatments until they are picked up by their owners. For those cases in which the animal is declared abandoned, the adoption of the animals will be favored, carrying out actions aimed at capturing them and maintaining responsible behavior.

If you have lost your dog you can:

1) Call your Town Hall or the Local Police to notify the disappearance. They are the ones who give us notice for the collection of a lost dog and, therefore, the first to have proof.

2) Visit the center to personally check if your dog has been picked up.

3) Contact the center via landline, during visiting hours, or by email. If the dog is here and has a microchip, the owner will be called by telephone to pick it up. If you do not answer the call, you will be sent a certified letter.

4) Notify in other reception and protective centers.

5) Communicate the loss to your veterinarian.

You can also send a photograph or notes from the following link, something that many individuals already do to report the loss of the animal. In the event that you were at the Tierra Blanca CPA, we will contact the owner immediately.

What to do if you find an abandoned animal?

If you find an abandoned animal you can go to the town hall or the Local Police of the municipality where you found it, who will be responsible for channeling the notice to the CPA Tierra Blanca through the official channels already determined.