The Cabildo Insular de Tenerife has been working for years on behalf of the animals welfare with the aim of making our island an example of good animals treatment and public awareness.

There is no doubt that today the main problem we face is the abandonment of dogs by their owners, which causes suffering of abandoned dogs and problems of road safety and public health.

Although the competition for the collection and shelter of abandoned dogs belongs to the city councils, the Insular Corporation also works in this line supporting the creation of an insular network of shelters for the collection of these dogs, through citizen awareness campaigns to promote the correct animals treatment and to eradicate abandonment, and encouraging and collaborating with the volunteer figure.

Within the framework of this action plan emerges the shelter for dogs Tierra Blanca, initially to solve a specific problem, and currently to support those municipalities of the island that do not have the means to shelter dogs abandoned in their territorial areas. Tierra Blanca tries to be a center of reference in which the "zero sacrifice" policy is our priority. It has staff and specialized management, facilities that provide the dogs an adequate environment, and a team of volunteers actively involved in management and decision making.

The CPA Tierra Blanca is an island-level example, since it is one of the few existing public centers that guarantees maximum respect for the needs, welfare and animal rights , in anticipation of the legal framework requested in the Resolution of the European Parliament on Animal Welfare.

The Center management is carried out by the state-owned public company TRAGSATEC, which has 22 years of experience in the provision of general services related to the animal world, public health and environmental issues related to fauna.