The Center

In the Canary Islands the legal regime of the centers for the reception of abandoned dogs is regulated, among others, by Law 8/1991 of 30 April 1991 on the protection of animals (BOC-1991/062).

The CPA Tierra Blanca is a model because:

- It has a great technical and personnel team.

- Promotes initiatives to reduce abandonment.

- Promotes initiatives for adoption.

- "Zero sacrifice" policy.

- Adequate and spacious facilities, which have patios for walking and a large terrain where dogs enjoy recreation.

The Center has a large number of volunteers who perform an essential task in socializing dogs during their stay in the facilities. In their visits they carry out different activities, among them the walks, promotion of the physical exercise, games, training, baths, hairdresser, etc. They also promote locally and internationally adoptions through partnerships such as Podencoworld Nederland.

The CPA Tierra Blanca provides support to municipalities for the reception of abandoned dogs in their municipal boundary. Once in the center, the veterinarian and the dogsitters take care of their assistance and treatments. For those cases in which the animal is declared abandoned, it is favored to adopt it, carrying out actions aimed at its acquisition and the maintenance of responsible behavior. For this reason the adoption is totally free, under a written commitment on the appropriate treatment and care of the animal. The CPA Tierra Blanca´s staff work to alleviate the consequences of abandonment, giving these animals the necessary attention to guarantee their needs. Taking into account that there are many groups with a direct and decisive involvement in abandonment and animal protection, the management service model will seek the involvement and the collaboration of all these agents:

  • Administrations
  • Local and international animal welfare organisation.
  • Veterinary centers
  • University and scientific centers
  • Citizens